Be careful what you ask for.You just might not get it.And to go to another company well most companies go to them (CTS) its likely the distributer for them.They are in it for the money.Metal detecting,pinpointers So hide your money in a tree....Do your home work,Make sure your paper trail is covered.document your invoice.(CTS) I see you fix your add after how long on the bounty qdraw ii .You must have a basement full of storage pouch and digging tools.You've been advertising something that don't exist.And you talk about being cheated..I've got you're emails, Took you how long too fix this scam.?

and you call yourself a CANADIAN treasure seekers,You mean (scammers) You've should have appolozied and fix it.

When you're hand is caught in the treasure pouch the scam is over..and you people still owe me...-PAPER -TRAILS- your website was documented before you made things right.And so are the emails..=@pouchless digger

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). scamcatcher is overall dissatisfied with Canadian Treasure Seekers and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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If you read the last line it clearly says that it comes with pouch and digging tool.Witch was not the case. And they made the correction right after I called them on it. false advertising ,no tressure pouch and no digging tool, so when you order online and you don't get wat you pay for or order don't be surprize or disappointed, trust is gone and so is my business.

to scamcatcher #953131

Good grief scamcatcher, you ordered from me and they are the distributor.You are correct, you did not get the pouch and digging tool.

You rightfully complained and CTS sent you the pouch and digging tool. The description of the detector was an old one when the pouch and digging tool were offered as promotions. They are no longer. The description was not changed to remove the promotional items.

An oversight that was corrected.

I could not believe all the vile accusations that you made. I was embarrassed because you had ordered through me.

There was an unbelievable string of rude, crude comments.Nobody wants your business!

to No pleasing this guy #953249

Mr.Goodgreif please my money and not me.Businesses come and go just like money.Money don't care do you.Be carful wat you ask for you might just get it.You're website started this.I told you that I was disappointed,were is the pouch and digging tool ?{ you say I would have steered you in a better direction if I would have ask you } My money was to pay for a product that was advertise.

You got payed and I got screwed and you're arrogance and lack of Responsibility' to provide the costumer wat you advertised is on acceptable and to your insults nobody wants my business you shurly tried $1,200 worth and to offer me1% Discount if I would pay at an interact.I've got you're emails and you're website before you corrected it also...(CTS) fixed it and fast .Priority Mail...

YOU said they would not negotiate with me.Wrong you are you should be embarrassed to wast my time and try to blame others..Nobody Wants you're business you mean no business like making money=@ digger with pouch

to scamcatcher #1096349

Scamcatcher, did you go to school?Nobody can understand what the *** you are saying.

The only other excuse is that you are French.Everyone knows how obnoxious the French are.

to scamcatcher #1096357

Sounds like you have multiple nobody's living inside you..? Should check into that..and its been resolved.. Bye somebody..

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